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role: Sir Robin | Geva Theatre Center - 2015


“Poulos plays several singing and dancing roles, but is a show-stopper as Sir Robin whose bravery the Minstrels salute and who milks a lot of laughs from that song about Jews.”

—Herbert Simpson, Artes Magazine

“The actors, one and all, deserve acclaim for not over-milking the broadness of the comedy and simply immersing themselves in it. Jim Poulos [is] an uproarious and not-very-brave knight with an affinity for musical theater.”

—Marcia Morphy, Democrat & Chronicle

“Jim Poulos is an amazing actor to watch. I personally love the musical bit, “You Won’t Succeed On Broadway”, and Mr. Poulos performs this song with such confidence and grace.”

—Collin Arend,

“…delightful as the cowardly Sir Robin…”

—Leah Stacy, City Newspaper, Rochester

“Complementary to the performance of Foster as King Arthur were those of Poulos as Sir Robin; DiSalvo as Sir Lancelot; Andrus as Sir Galahad; and Warrell as Sir Bedevere. The bellowing comedic tone that flooded the theater Saturday night belongs completely to these gentlemen, who clearly internalized and embraced their roles. At times, I had to remind myself that I was sitting in a playhouse, not in front of a screen because their performances were just that tight.”

—Nick Camardo, Cardinal Courier Online


Book & Lyrics by Eric Idle
Music by John Du Prez & Eric Idle
Geva Theatre Center
Director: Melissa Rain Anderson
Choreographer: Lenny Daniel
Music Director: Don Kot
Set Design: Jim Morgan
Costume Design: Susan Branch Towne
Lighting Design: Brian J. Lilienthal

All Photos: Ken Huth and Collin Huth

Cast: Hunter Foster, Brandon Andrus, Jessica Azenberg, Jennifer Cody, John Cummings, Mike DiSalvo, Nicole Eras, Andy Frank, Leah Hassett, Jacob Hoffman, Ashley Dawn Mortensen, Shannon Mullen, Frankie Paparone, Adam Pelligrine, Jim Poulos, Jacob Stewart, Michael Warrell

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

role: Mercutio | Great River Shakespeare Festival - 2015


“Both exuberance and inevitable destruction mark Jim Poulos’ dazzling performance as Mercutio. He is Romeo’s best friend, loyal to a fatal fault, but also a partier, jokester, and antagonist. Poulos totally captivates on stage, and it is in contrast to Mercutio’s testosterone-driven bravado that Romeo’s gentle and romantic persona is forged.”
“Doug Scholz-Carlson, Artistic Director of the Great River Shakespeare Festival, has directed this production—splendidly, ferociously—and, moreover, has added his considerable talent as a fight choreographer. …switchblades are the weapon of choice. The fight that ensues is thrillingly presented, both balletic and guttural.”

—Arthur Dorman, Talkin’ Broadway, Minneapolis


Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare
Great River Shakespeare Festival
Director: Doug Scholz-Carlson
Scenic Designer: R. Eric Stone
Lighting Mentor: Lonnie Alcaraz
Costume Designer: Margaret Weedon
Asst. Costume Designer: Caitlin McCarthy
Lighting Designer: Martha Carter
Sound Designer: Adam Harris
Properties Director: Nikki Kulas
Choreographer: Tarah Flanagan
Fight Choreographer: Doug Scholz-Carlson

All Photos: Ken Huth and Collin Huth

Cast: Caroline Amos, Benjamin Boucvalt. Rosemary Brownlow, Christopher Gerson, Michael Fitzpatrick, Tarah Flanagan, JuCoby Johnson, Chris Mixon, Mike Munson, Jim Poulos, Robert Ramirez, Silas Sellnow, Brian White

The Rep/Geva


role: Mozart | Repertory Theatre of St. Louis - 2009 | Geva Theatre Center 2010 | CFRT/Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra - 2015


“Jim Poulos plays Mozart not as the foul-mouthed idiot savant of the film but as a likable lightweight in whose real-life existence it is no great strain to believe.”

—Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

‘Jim Poulos’ Amadeus is more nuanced than Mozart is usually portrayed. Of course he is energized, but Poulos also manifests an unspoken aura: His Amadeus somehow senses that he is the chosen one.”

—Dennis Brown, River Front Times

“What the play was truly better for–what it was outstanding for–was Poulos’ performance as Mozart. Brilliant, just brilliant. Expressive, fun, crass, desperate for his father’s approval, confident in his work, completely besotted by his wife, wistful for a more successful time as he loses all patronage (thanks to Salieri machinations), passionate about music as it is in his soul, weary and then accepting of Salieri’s friendship (and let’s not forget that wonderful infectious silly laugh–Poulos hit all the right notes (sorry for the pun–truly unintended but appropriate) as the complicated musical genius.”

—Bridget Klotz Kostello, the Stealth Critic

“Poulos’s descent from juvenile wildness to fevered madness charts a touching, plausible line.  Together, Long, Poulos and Stanley anchor director Paul Mason Barnes’ production, which also includes other sharp performances.”

—Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Equally as remarkable are the interpretations by the show’s focal actors.  Jim Poulos brings an extra dimension to Mozart with his own expert musicianship at the keyboards.  He also excels at showcasing the composer’s baser side as well as his naivete concerning Salieri, and soberly conveys Mozart’s alarming physical and financial decline.”

—Mark Bretz, Laude News

“Top 10 of 2009, St. Louis: Amadeus received a superior presentation by The Rep under Paul Mason Barnes precise and thorough direction, with marvelous performances by Andrew Long as Salieri, Jim Poulos as Mozart and Joe Hickey as the affable if intellectually challenged Emperor.”

Laude News

“Jim Poulos as Mozart is remarkable, especially in Act II when he is shown sliding down the emotional slope to ruin that Salieri has so clandestinely plotted for him.”

—Harry Hamm KMOX-AM

“Jim Poulos as the bratty and hateful Mozart is outstanding. He too must move from this giddy know-it-all to a man driven mad by poison- literally and figuratively. His final moments are moving and poignant.’

—Steve Allen, KFUO-FM

“He says he is better than any other musician in Vienna … and we believe him.
Jim Poulos delivers an equally compelling performance as Mozart, the endearing idiot savant who is a giggling, “gibbering monkey” one minute, a dedicated artist the next. Although he gives the impression that life is one glorious party, we don’t doubt for a second his brilliance—especially during his rebuttal to the self-absorbed Emperor Joseph (Brad Heberlee) who complains Mozart’s opera has ‘too many notes’”

—Marcia Morphy, Democrat and Chronicle

“Jim Poulos as Mozart is frolicsome and naughty but equally convincing later in the play when the composer has lost much of his spirit and lives alone in poverty with only his need to write to keep him alive. Mozart says, “My tongue is stupid. …My heart isn’t,” and Poulos is never more effective than during a moving speech in which Mozart explains a composer’s responsibility.”

—Michael Lasser, Rochester City Newspaper


by Peter Shaffer
Repertory Theatre of St. Louis 2009
Director: Paul Barnes
Scenic Design: Bill Clarke
Costume Design: Dorothy Marshall Englis
Lighting Design: Peter E. Sargent
All Photos: ©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.
TUESDAY, SEPT. 8, 2009 – The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis’ production of “Amadeus” at the Loretto-Hilton Center

Cast: Craig Baldwin, Jenn Bock, Jon Breeden, Joseph Garner, Cale Haupert, Jeffrey Hayenga, Joe Hickey, Richmond Hoxie, Walter Hudson, Andrew Long, Michael Monsey, Michael Dean Morgan, Maggie Murphy, Michael B. Perkins, Khnemu Menu-Ra, Jim Poulos, Elizabeth Stanley, and Brian White

Geva Theatre Center 2010
Director: Paul Barnes
Scenic Design: Bill Clarke
Costume Design: Dorothy Marshall Engliss
Lighting Design: Kendall Smith
Photos: Ken Huth

Cast: Royce Bleier, Vinnie Carbone, Kate Dillon, Timothy Ellison, Michael Fitzpatrick, David Graham Jones, Laura Griffith, Brent Harris, Brad Heberle, Richmond Hoxie, Darrell Lance, Patricia Lewis, Stephanie McKee, Ned Noyes, Robert Rutland, Ricky Thomas, Rachel Yoder

CRFT Artistic Director & Director: Tom Quaintance
Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra Conductor: Fouad Fakhouri
UNC-Pembroke University Chorale, Director: Dr. Jose Rivera
Costume Design: Lisa Tireman
Lighting Design: Dave Griffie
Photos: Ken Huth

Cast: Allen McCullough, Dana Gartland, Bill Saunders, Evan Bridenstine, Nathan Pearce

Geva Theatre Center

Bobby in Company

Geva Theatre Center - 2012


“Bobby, played ingratiatingly by Jim Poulos, is malleable in the extreme…it’s easy to underplay Bobby and leave a cipher at the center of the show.  Despite Bobby’s diffident manner and his own white-bread looks, Poulos carries off the portrayal with authority, especially when he struggles to break free in the score’s great soliloquy, ‘Being Alive.’”

—Michael Lasser, Rochester City Paper

“There’s been lots of talk over the years of what a cipher Bobby is, and how he’s asked to do little but react to those around him. Cuddy was wise to cast Jim Poulos. The actor suggested that, like Christopher Isherwood and Cliff Bradshaw before him, he was a camera and that he could be likable…Poulos reiterated that Bobby is a single woman’s dream… This Bobby also seemed to be searching for the right thing to say.”

—Peter Filichia, MTI Marquee: Filichia Features


Book by George Furth
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Geva Theatre Center
Director: Mark Cuddy
Music Direction: Don Kot
Scenic Design: G.W. Mercier
Costume Design: Pamela Scofield
Lighting Design: Joel Moritz
Photos: Ken Huth

Cast: Anne Allgood, Bobby Daye, Nicolette Hart, Leslie Henstock, Jessie Hooker, Kristen Mengelkoch, Ben Roseberry, Bruce Sabbath, Emily Stockdale, Elisa Van Duyne, Kevin Vortmann, and Jeff Williams


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