Bobby in Company

Geva Theatre Center - 2012


“Bobby, played ingratiatingly by Jim Poulos, is malleable in the extreme…it’s easy to underplay Bobby and leave a cipher at the center of the show.  Despite Bobby’s diffident manner and his own white-bread looks, Poulos carries off the portrayal with authority, especially when he struggles to break free in the score’s great soliloquy, ‘Being Alive.’”

—Michael Lasser, Rochester City Paper

“There’s been lots of talk over the years of what a cipher Bobby is, and how he’s asked to do little but react to those around him. Cuddy was wise to cast Jim Poulos. The actor suggested that, like Christopher Isherwood and Cliff Bradshaw before him, he was a camera and that he could be likable…Poulos reiterated that Bobby is a single woman’s dream… This Bobby also seemed to be searching for the right thing to say.”

—Peter Filichia, MTI Marquee: Filichia Features


Book by George Furth
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Geva Theatre Center
Director: Mark Cuddy
Music Direction: Don Kot
Scenic Design: G.W. Mercier
Costume Design: Pamela Scofield
Lighting Design: Joel Moritz
Photos: Ken Huth

Cast: Anne Allgood, Bobby Daye, Nicolette Hart, Leslie Henstock, Jessie Hooker, Kristen Mengelkoch, Ben Roseberry, Bruce Sabbath, Emily Stockdale, Elisa Van Duyne, Kevin Vortmann, and Jeff Williams

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