A Christmas Carol

role: Fred/Young Ebenezer/The Undertaker's Man |DCPA Theatre Company - 2017


“I’ve seen many productions of A Christmas Carol over the years, most of them pleasant in a Hallmark card sort of way, none of them memorable. So I’m trying to figure out just what makes this year’s A Christmas Carol, an annual offering at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, such an exhilarating experience. …director Melissa Rain Anderson gives full weight to the shadows in Dickens’s fable, as well as his message about the need for human goodness and generosity in an often grim and frightening world. This doesn’t mean the production is preachy or solemn, or that it lessens the story’s bright magic. ”

—Juliet Wittman , Westword

“Poulos brings warmth and dignity to Fred, who…represents an embodiment of the spirit of Christmas and of Christian virtue…”

—Bob Bows, ColoradoDrama.com

“…the entire production is inspiring…the large cast is without flaw.”

—Tom Jones, Tom’s Colorado Theater Reviews


A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens
Adapted by Richard Hellesen
DCPA Theatre Company
Director: Melissa Rain Anderson
Scenic Design: Vicki Smith
Costume Design by Kevin Copenhaver
Lighting Design: Don Darnutzer
Sound Design by Craig Breitenbach
Choreography by Christine Rowan
Music Direction and Orchestrations by Gregg Coffin

All Photos: Ken Huth and Collin Huth

Cast (2017): Hadley Brown, Latoya Cameron, Kevin Curtis, Michael Fitzpatrick, Peyton Goosen, Sam Gregory, Darrell T. Joe, Chas Lederer, Kyra Lindsay, Brody Lineaweaver, Chloe McLeod, Timothy McCracken, Chris Mixon, Grace Morgan, Leslie O’Carroll, Erik Pinnick, Daniel Plimpton, Jim Poulos, Max Raabe, Tristan Champion Regini, Augie Reichert, Helen Reichert, Jeffrey Roark, Marco Robinson, Christine Rowan, Shannan Steele, Jackie Vanderbeck, Brian Vaughn, Owen Zitek


Cast (2016): Daniel Berryman, Latoya Cameron, Kevin Curtis, Allen Dorsey, Napoleon M. Douglas, Jack Eller, Michael Fitzpatrick, Sam Gregory, Kyra Lindsay, Brody Lineaweaver, Lars Lundberg, Chloe Mcleod, Timothy McCracken, M. Scott McLean, Chris Mixon, Grace Morgan, Leslie O’Carroll, Jim Poulos, Wayne W. Pretlow, Max Raabe, Augie Reichert, Helen Reichert, Jeffrey Roark, Christine Rowan, Shannan Steele, Olivia Sullivent, Jackie Vanderbeck, Brian Vaughn, Owen Zitek

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